Mexican government plans to relax laws on marijuana

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Mexican government plans to relax laws on marijuana

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Politicians in Mexico have introduced a bill that would decriminalise marijuana.

The authorities say this is not legalisation and is aimed at breaking the power of the drug cartels.

Since former president Felipe Calderon began a crackdown on drug cartels seven years ago, Mexico has seen huge gang related violence.

If passed, the proposals would create dispensaries selling marijuana and give people help for addiction rather than send them to jail.

It is already legal to carry small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines in Mexico. MPs now also want to increase the amount allowed for personal use.

Uruguay was the first country to completely legalise the growing, selling and smoking of marijuana last year. The country’s president says its the only way to break the power of criminal drug gangs.

“Drug trafficking is much worse than the drug itself. The problem with the black market of drugs is there is no competition, or very little competition. And in every case, whatever competition there is, is solved criminally with gunshots,” President Jose Mujica said.