Facebook offers new gender identification options

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Facebook offers new gender identification options

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Popular social media site Facebook is now offering users the chance to identify themselves as a gender other than male or female.

For the first time, the number one Internet social network is allowing users in the United States to select up to ten gender identifications, among which are “transgender”, “intersex” and “fluid.”

Facebook Inc said the selection of identity options was made after working with a leading group of gay and transgender advocacy organisations.

Until now, the site’s 1.23 billion members could only select “male” or “female” for their genders, whereas users of rival Google Inc’s Google+ social network already had an “other” option.

Users can now also choose the personal pronoun by which they wish to be referred, for example asking “friends” to write on “their”, rather than “his” or “her” wall.

“We want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self,” Facebook said.