EU parliament president accused of spreading anti-Israeli propaganda

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EU parliament president accused of spreading anti-Israeli propaganda

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Visiting European parliament president Martin Schulz has found himself at the centre of a political storm in Israel.

It concerns certain remarks he made during his address to the Israeli Knesset.

During his speech Schulz was heckled by members of a far-right party called Jewish Homeland.

Speaking in his native language things progressed well enough when the German politician expressed his support for a two state solution.

But later when he cited what he described as unverified data alleging Israel was denying Palestinians a fair share of water in the occupied West Bank, members of the pro-settler party walked out.

The leader of the party, Naftali Bennet later accused Schulz of spreading anti-Israel lies and demanded an apology.

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu entered the fray in a separate parliamentary debate saying Schulz had been incorrect.

While Israel denies any water sharing disparity a a human rights group last month claimed Israeli settler towns were using three-an-a half times more water than Palestinians in the West Bank.