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UK: hundreds evacuated from homes along River Thames as more heavy rain is forecast

United Kingdom

UK: hundreds evacuated from homes along River Thames as more heavy rain is forecast

About 1,000 homes on the River Thames were evacuated on Tuesday with thousands more at risk from flooding.

It comes as heavy rains have left some parts of the southwest underwater for over a month.

The government and Environment Agency have come under criticism for their handling of the floods.

Close to Hampton Court outside London, residents were battling to keep the water at bay

“The sewer’s burst at the back, so now I actually have sewer water, which you can see and smell coming in through the kitchen. I’m pumping it out at the front and it’s coming in quicker from the sewer at the back… Now there’s a neighbour down there who told me he’s lived there for 20 years, I’ve lived here for four years and in 20 years, he’s never seen flooding like it,” said local resident Antony Haynes.

Further along the Thames in Staines there were complaints that drivers were aggravating the problem.

Local resident, Rob Hall said: “There are ways to avoid making it any worse and the road closures just aren’t being enforced to do that. You know people are losing their cars because they’re just not listening to what the signs are saying and as I say for people like ourselves every time they come past it just raises the water level a few more inches.”

David Cameron has cancelled a trip to the Middle East and said money is no object in dealing with the flooding.

The army has been brought in to help build defences and evacuate properties in what has been the wettest January since 1766.


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