More rain adds to UK and Spain floods misery

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More rain adds to UK and Spain floods misery

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It is turning out to be the wettest English Winter in 250 years.

On Monday, the River Thames burst its banks after reaching its highest level in decades, inundating towns upstream of London.

Heavy rains, undredged rivers and saturated land have all conspired to create an ongoing flood crisis which is stretching the country’s cash-strapped Environment Agency and emergency services.

The floods are not confined to the UK.

In Galicia in northwest Spain, rain and strong winds of up to 100 km per hour have been battering the region.

Twenty Spanish provinces have also been hit by polar winds. Snow in mountainous areas near Madrid has blocked roads and plunging temperatures have forced schools to close.

And in Portugal, flooding, felled trees and structural damage have caused chaos near Oporto. Seven people have been injured in various incidents caused by the bad weather.