Worst snowstorm in decades hits parts of Japan

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Worst snowstorm in decades hits parts of Japan

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For many people in Japan, this is a winter they won’t forget amid the heaviest snowfall in decades.

Some 38 centimetres of the white stuff blanketed parts of the north on Sunday – the deepest whiteout in 91 years.

The snowstorm also hit Tokyo and surrounding areas. With travel treacherous, at least 11 people died and over 1,000 were injured nationwide. Tens of thousands lost power and hundreds of flights were cancelled.

While some waited to fly out of the Japanese capital, many incoming air passengers struggled to get home, due to conditions on the roads.

Several universities delayed the start of their entrance exams.

The snowy streets may also have discouraged voters from going to the polls on Sunday to choose a new Tokyo governor, with turnout rates hovering around 46 percent, the third lowest in history.