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Complaints over ticket sales at Sochi spoil games for some spectators

10/02/14 06:48 CET

Tickets for the Winter Olympics appear to be as difficult to come by as winning a gold medal.

Hundreds of fans have been queuing daily at the ticket office in the Sochi mountain cluster, trying to get passes at the last minute for various sporting events.

But service is very slow:

One Russian sports fan said it was a shame:
“People are standing here, not only Russians but foreigners as well. I think it is wrong that there is only one window which takes ten minutes to sell one ticket.”

A Chinese visitor complained about not being able to buy tickets ‘online’ as the local site was only for Russians.

“So I can’t buy tickets on the internet and the line to buy tickets is very, very long,” he said.

There have also been complaints about empty seats at some venues, mainly because people have been delayed by security checks.

But many spectators bought their tickets before arriving in Sochi and once they have been told to leave plenty of time to get seated, they seem to be having a great time.

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