UK police probe death of young boy with link to flooding

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UK police probe death of young boy with link to flooding

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The floods in the south of England are being linked with the death of a seven-year-old boy. Police are investigating whether carbon monoxide fumes from a pump which was used to clear water from the boy’s home could have caused the tragedy. His father is reported to be in a serious condition in hospital.

Three severe flood warnings – which mean danger to life – have been issued for parts of the south west of England as forecasters warn more torrential rain is on its way.

All train services to the West country were cut off on Saturday after a landslide in what have been the worst storms for almost 250 years.

In France the picture is equally rain soaked with villages and towns flooded though the weather warnings in several areas have now been downgraded from red to orange.

Over a months worth of rain fell in just one day in one town in Brittany and what would have been the odds of seeing wind surfers glide across what is usually a horse racing track? Locals did just that making use of the flooded track and a light breeze.

Portugal has not escaped the storms. A red alert has been issued for areas on the Atlantic coast with a gale battering the area and whipping up huge waves. Winds of 130 kilometres an hour have hit the coast and people have been warned to stay indoors.