Switzerland votes on whether to introduce strict immigration quotas

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Switzerland votes on whether to introduce strict immigration quotas

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Swiss voters have gone to the polls on Sunday to decide on whether to restrict immigration.

The referendum, put forward by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, wants Switzerland to introduce strict quotas on immigrants. It would mean the country abandoning its free movement of people treaty with the European Union.

The latest polls show 43% of people are now in favour of the proposal.

Swiss voter Pascal Desjaques is one of those.“I hope that it will give a clear sign to the government so it can take all those measures and take action on the ground to stop workers from suffering from the present situation” he said.

However many people are concerned about a yes vote.

“I think it (the referendum) is very important for two reasons. One reason is that I think the Swiss economy needs all these people coming from abroad. That is one part and the second of course is it will be a very bad signal to Europe and put in danger all our negotiations, “ Swiss voter Hugo Zbineen said.

Foreigners now make up 23 percent of the country’s population of 8 million according to official data.

The results of the referendum should be known later on Sunday afternoon.