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“Hands off my internet”: Turkey protesters clash with police over government reforms

09/02/14 01:27 CET

Chanting ‘Hands off my internet” protesters took to the streets of Istanbul to show their anger over new laws restricting access to web pages in Turkey. The new rules could block sites within hours without a court order.

Riot police were out in force and used water cannon and tear gas on protesters who responded by throwing fireworks as they headed towards Taksim Square, the site of mass anti-government protests last summer.

Critics of the internet reform accuse the government of trying to cover up a corruption scandal which came to light after the rules were put to parliament. The government claims that the reforms would protect privacy, but this did little to persuade their detractors as euronews correspondent Bora Bayraktar explains:

“Demonstrators here did not buy the words of the Prime Minister saying that ‘we are not banning the internet’. They hope that the President will veto the law. If this does not happen it seems likely we will see more protests like this”.

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