Royalty in question with Spain's Princess Cristina in court

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Royalty in question with Spain's Princess Cristina in court

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Outside the court in Palma de Mallorca euronews correspondent Guillermo Gayo said, “The questioning of Princess Cristina before the judge as a suspect has produced an enormous expectation in the country.

‘It is taking place here in Palma a city where Cristina holds the title of duchess. Anti-monarchy groups have mounted a demonstration demanding the reinstatement of the Republic and others supporting a variety of social demands.”

The allegations against Cristina and her husband led to a recent poll showing support for the royal family is at an historic low.

The accusations have revealed a privileged lifestyle as Spain struggled in a recession. There were trips to South Africa’s Kruger National Park allegedly paid for from embezzled public funds.

“Our monarchy is an archaic and medieval institution and it is completely under the protection of a mafia. It is the keystone of this country’s corruption,” said one of the protesters while another added: “She is protected by the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. He said publicly that Cristina would not be charged.”

One of the demonstrators questioned the cost of the hearing when he said: “I am indifferent to the summons of the princess. But it is surprising that we are wasting 300,000 euros on security just for one morning. In the schools and hospitals we would probably need to spend that just on basics.”

Over 200 police were on duty outside the court where at the end of the hearing the judge Jose Castro could formalise the charges against the princess or drop them and allow her to plea to lesser charges. The demonstrators made their thoughts clear.