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Tens of thousands of Muslims have been fleeing Christian militias in the Central African Republic.

Medical charity MSF estimates 40,000 people have already escaped to neighbouring Chad and Cameroon.

A great deal of hope rests on the new interim president, Catherine Samba-Panza. She has a year to end the nation’s bloody sectarian strife. Elections must be held by February 2015 and the interim leader is not allowed to stand.

The scale of the challenge facing her is huge. She told euronews she is determined that those doing the killing on both sides will be punished.

“It is normal that massive human rights violations do not go unpunished. Without justice we cant bring peace to the Central African Republic.Everyone must answer for their actions, that’s all. A number of individuals have done terrible things. They will answer for these acts, I won’t be protecting any bandits or crooked politicians or agitators who have led the country to the situation we have now. I won’t be protecting anyone, everyone will answer for their actions before the international tribunal,” Samba-Panza said.

The Hague’s International Criminal Court has said it will open a preliminary examination into crimes, including killings, acts of rape and sexual slavery allegedly committed during the conflict.

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