Bosnia violent protests spread

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Bosnia violent protests spread

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Police have been picking up the pieces in Sarajevo after a third day of violent protests.

Shops remain closed in three flashpoint towns after demonstrators clashed with police, angry over a lack of jobs and political stagnation.

The situation doesn’t appear to surprise the chairman of the Bosnian presidency, Zeljko Komsic.

“This is something you might expect,” he said, continuing “for which the possibility has long been a rumour in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And it happened. What now? If some people need to resign, they should resign”.

It is believed Komsic will convene a meeting of the top leadership.

The unrest which began in the capital Sarajevo and the northern town of Tuzla has now spread to Mostar, Zenica and Bihac.

Demonstrators stormed government buildings across the country setting them alight. Police responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon in Sarajevo.

Medical workers reported over 200 injuries.

It is the worst violence the country has seen since the 1992-1995 war following the break-up of Yugoslavia,

Though protests appeared to be largely contained to the Croat-Muslim Bosniak half of Bosnia, they show no signs of ending.