US blames Russia for leaking telephone call about Ukraine

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US blames Russia for leaking telephone call about Ukraine

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The US government is in damage control mode after a leaked phone conversation between two American diplomats talking about the crisis in Ukraine and using an expletive about the EU.

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki says the Russians were behind it and condemned their behaviour.

“We think this is a new low in Russian tradecraft in terms of publicising, posting. I don’t have any other independent details about the origins of the YouTube video. You are right, this has clearly happened overnight and is relatively new. But, this is something they have been actively promoting, posting on, tweeting about and certainly we feel that represents a new low.”

Russia denies leaking the call.

However Moscow has long suspected Washington of interfering with events in Ukraine. The Communist Party says the recording proves they were right.

“Foreign powers, their diplomats, their special services, all wearing different disguises, have been (controlling) the puppet strings of this process (Ukrainian protests) for a long time. And this, now infamous, phone call confirms the suspicions that we have held for a while,” said Communist Party MP Vyacheslav Tetyokin

It has not escaped notice in Moscow or elsewhere that only recently the US government’s spying habits, including tapping the conversations of world leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, were revealed.