David Cameron urges UK to keep Scotland in the fold

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David Cameron urges UK to keep Scotland in the fold

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged English, Welsh and Northern Irish nationals to tell Scottish voters they want them to stay as part of the UK.

Scottish people will vote in a referendum on September 18. While polls show a majority oppose breaking away, Cameron is concerned that Scots may vote for independence.

Speaking at the Olympic Park in London on Friday, Cameron said: “To everyone – in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – everyone like me who cares about the United Kingdom, I want to say this. You don’t have a vote, but you do have a voice. Those voting, they are our friends, they are our neighbours, they are our family. You do have an influence. So get on the phone, get together, email, tweet, speak, let the message ring out.”

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond quickly responded, calling Cameron a “feartie” (someone who is afraid) for not being willing to take part in a live TV debate with him.