Wilders calls on Netherlands to quit EU

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Wilders calls on Netherlands to quit EU

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The Netherlands must leave the European Union to boost its economy and stop the flow of immigrants into the country, says outspoken Dutch MP Geert Wilders

Wilders outlined his case for quitting the EU by unveiling a new report detailing the benefits of leaving the bloc.

It comes as his Freedom Party gears up to contest this May’s European elections.

“Nexit” means that we no longer have to pay billions to Brussels and weak Southern European countries, that we can save billions by liberating ourselves from European Union regulations,” the Freedom Party leader told reporters in The Hague.

“That we can end the mass immigration and stop paying welfare checks to, for instance, the Bulgarians and the Romanians.”

The report was prepared by the UK-based consultancy, Capital Economics.

Wilders will join forces with French firebrand MEP, Marine Le Pen, ahead of May’s vote.

He has formed a joint alliance with her far-right Front National.

The pair hope to team up with other anti-immigration parties and form a new new grouping inside the European Parliament.