Sochi Olympics: dogs, dust and brown water

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Sochi Olympics: dogs, dust and brown water

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Organisers of the Sochi Games on Tuesday attempted to calm concerns about poor media accommodation.

Despite the Games’ 37 billion euro price tag Olympic-accredited visitors have reportedly arrived to scenes of building dust and debris scattered in and around their hotels.

Others reports have emerged that people are staying in barely finished rooms with no Internet connection and taps that chug out brown water.

Spokeswomen for the Organising committee Aleksandra Kosterina said: “I am happy to inform you that all of the media hotels are open. There are right now testing of some operations indeed taking place, and we apologise for any inconvenience. If you have any trouble, please report to press operations, please refer to the accommodations manager.”

Organisers also sought to calm concerns over Russia’s widely criticised law against homosexual propaganda and reports of maltreatment of stray dogs.

The only dogs to be seen around the city and Olympic village at the moment are of the military kind.

Kosterina said: “We have a special service that catches dogs, it is a city service. As far as I know the city has got a kennel or shelter, but they also catch them and examine them to see whether they are healthy. The service does exist in the city.”

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