EU helps snowbound Slovenia with power supplies

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EU helps snowbound Slovenia with power supplies

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The EU has come to the aid of stricken member nation Slovenia whose power supply is in pieces amid snow storms and severe cold weather.

With one in four homes without electricity, Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek and her government activated the bloc’s disaster response through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Within hours Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic had offered generators and technicians to install them. As for food, with bad weather ongoing, people are stocking up in case they are cut off.

In parts of Poland, villages have been cut off by snow drifts in a cold spell that has claimed nearly 50 lives since the start of the year.

While heavy snowfall is not unusual for Poles, extraordinary scenes elsewhere on the planet show that no-one is immune from the white stuff.

A snow storm – the like of which has not been seen for half a century – has battered parts of Northern Iran by the Caspian Sea.

Mazandaran and neighbouring Gilan province have been badly hit.

Here too, power cuts have caused misery. At one stage, some half a million homes were hit.

Nearly 11,000 motorists stuck in snow had to be rescued by Red Crescent teams. Revolutionary Guard troops have also been drafted into the emergency response.