Possible revenge may have pushed student to kill two in Moscow school attack

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Possible revenge may have pushed student to kill two in Moscow school attack

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Russian police are questioning a student who allegedly killed two people and held hostage more than 20 others at a high school in Moscow on Monday morning.

The shooting sent dozens of students scurrying out of the building while a police helicopter landed in a snow-covered field outside.

Authorities say the suspect was armed with a rifle he obtained from his father, who helped police convince the teenager to surrender less than two hours after the siege began.

The drama took place at School No. 263 on the northern outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow.

Authorities say the incident could have been much worse as the 15-year-old gunman fired at least eleven rounds.

The top spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee said he believed the teenager had suffered a nervous breakdown because there were no immediately apparent grounds to assume that the shooting was related to the boy’s academic performance.

The student reportedly made his way into the school with a rifle by threatening a guard who immediately called the police. Investigators said the weapon belonged to the boy’s father.

The mother of one child said her daughter managed to text her to warn her not to come to the school. “There’s a student shooting here” she told me. I replied telling her to call the police.”

The gunman was a near straight-A student and it is believed detectives are working on the theory he might have been seeking revenge over a conflict with a teacher.