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Midlife romance 'At Middletown'


Midlife romance 'At Middletown'

In the midlife romantic comedy ‘At Middletown’, Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga play two parents with nothing in common aside from the fact each has a university-bound child on a group campus tour. After escaping from the pack, however, they quickly discover a spark between them and hilarity ensues.

The movie proved a family affair for the two lead-actors: Farmiga’s real-life younger sister, Taissa Farmiga, plays her uptight, over-achieving daughter in the film while Garicia’s real-life daughter, Daniella Garcia-Lorido, plays a college student they meet along the way.

Both Garcia and Farmiga have been in the movie industry for years, but had never met prior to this film. So was their on-screen chemistry just a case of good luck?

As Andy Garcia explained, it had more to do with a genuine commitment to the project: “Once you’re there, you are there because you want to be there. It’s not like there was a financial windfall for Mrs. Farmiga to show up in the movie, you know what I mean? Or anybody for that matter. So we are all there because you want to be there and that’s the beginning of chemistry: is because you want to be there. You want to be there for each other and for everybody and tell this story.”

Following critical acclaim for his short films, ‘At Middletown’ is director Adam Rodgers first feature film. It is out now at selected cinemas across the United States.

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