Greenpeace joins protest against nuclear plant expansion in Hungary

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Greenpeace joins protest against nuclear plant expansion in Hungary

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Greenpeace activists in Budapest have taken over the famous Liberty Statue to protest the proposed expansion of Hungary’s only nuclear power station.

The pact, made between the Hungarian government and Russia, provides for two new reactors at the existing plant in the southern city of Paks.

Monday’s demonstration follows the left-wing opposition parties’ rally on Sunday.

Greenpeace is worried about the financial impact of the plan, as Energy and Climate Campaigner, Brigitta Bozsó explained: “We won’t be able to take advantage of the opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency if we commit ourselves to such a giga-investment now and we spend all our money on that,” she said. “What’s more, we’re burdening the population with a huge loan.”

Campaigners say nuclear energy, with its environmental, security and economic risks, is not the best solution.

Many Hungarians, meanwhile, are angry because they say the nuclear deal was agreed without consulting the people.

Andrea Hajagos, euronews’ correspondent in Budapest, said: “As Greenpeace activists protest against the expansion of the Paks nuclear plant, parliamentary committees have already started to debate the project.”