At least 14 dead after Indonesian volcano erupts

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At least 14 dead after Indonesian volcano erupts

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More than a dozen people have reportedly been killed, after a volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

A thick cloud of ash spewed into the air, engulfing people in a nearby village.

The 2,460 metre-high Mount Sinabung had been dormant for four centuries. But it has become increasingly active in recent months and the volcano has been put on its highest alert status.

The government has evacuated 38-thousand people from the area.

“The hot cloud caught the victims by surprise,” said Meyer Putong, from the evacuation team.

“It happened very quickly. They were in Suka Meriah village,” he continued.

This is the first time the volcano is known to have claimed lives. And there is a fear that it could have killed more – with evacuations called off because of the risk of further eruptions.

Sinabung, along with dozens of other volcanoes, stands on the “Ring of Fire” volcanic belt around the shores of the Pacific Ocean.