Republicans respond to Obama's State of the Union address

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Republicans respond to Obama's State of the Union address

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Republicans have been making their feelings known following Obama’s State of the Union address.

Republican representative, Cathy McMorris Rogers attacked the President’s healthcare law, dubbed ‘Obamacare’ which Republicans have tried to delay and repeal almost 50 times.

“The President’s policies are making people’s lives harder. We’ve all talked to too many people who’ve received cancellation notices they didn’t expect or who can no longer see the doctors they always have. No, we shouldn’t go back to the things — the way things were, but this law is not working” McMorris Rogers said.

During his speech, Obama addressed the widening gap between rich and poor, saying he wanted to take action to help the middle classes.

The anti-Washington Tea Party group blamed Obama for the inequality.

Republican senator Mike Lee said: “Where does this new inequality come from? From the government. Every time it takes rights and opportunities away from the American people and gives them instead to politicians, bureaucrats and special interests.”

Obama has called 2014 “a year of action” and said he is willing to bypass Congress is necessary to make those changes, starting with increase in the minimum wage.