Metal/punk band Skindred roll back the years with new album

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Metal/punk band Skindred roll back the years with new album

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‘Kill The Power’ is Welsh band Skindred’s new album.

Born in 1998, Skindred is widely recognised as one of the most creative bands around, with its unique musical fusion successfully blending metal, dub, reggae and dance – a recipe for success which has been whipping audiences into a frenzy for more than 15 years.

The band’s bassist says that this fifth album was a chance for them to go back to basics.

“On this record we’ve kind of maybe gone back to certain things on the first record, which was more an emphasis on the dance hall element of what we did, sort of quite aggressive dance hall. And then really working on the songs. Because I think, stylistically, a lot of people have always associated us with a sound but not necessarily a song. So on this one the emphasis was certainly on the songwriting,” says bassist Dan Pugsley.

Since their debut album ‘Babylon’ more than a decade ago, Skindred have become famous for their energetic live performances, and have played in major music festivals around the globe.

The band’s drummer says what makes the difference with this album is that they approached it as a continuous body of work, rather than a collection of individual songs.

“I think it’s an album from start to finish, that’s the thing,” says Arya Goggin.

“A lot of the times, we’d write songs and however it goes down, sometimes there’s some filler tracks. You don’t think they’re filler at the time but you know they haven’t reached their full potential. I think this time we gave every song the same attention. We weren’t trying to write 12 singles, we wanted to write an album that you could stick on from start to finish and go on the journey.”

Skindred’s European tour ends early March.

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