Life around Maidan Square in Kyiv

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Life around Maidan Square in Kyiv

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A steady stream of images from the Ukrainian capital suggests most people in Kyiv back the anti-government movement but in the areas surrounding Maidan square, feelings are mixed about the protests.

“I am holding up as a true Kyiv citizen,
I would like to say that life goes on as before, it is just everybody is concerned and wants it all to end well,” said one woman protester.

One man who sells coffee from a kiosk near the square was more pragmatic:

“I have been working here for a long time and the demonstrations haven’t affected my job. It’s probably even a plus because people are buying lots of tea. A couple of times even Berkut (riot police) have popped in.”

Another woman said she believed the outcome of the protests will be decisive.

“Everyday, when I go to work, I think if my job is worth anything at all, when there’s a risk of losing this battle and then everything stops making sense. I am very much influenced: I spend all my free time on Maidan.”

Tensions remain, undoubtedly high, in and around the Ukrainian capital, but our correspondent Sergio Cantone said that close to Maidan it appears to be business as usual, despite the recent clashes.