Former Egypt President Mursi's trial adjourned for a month

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Former Egypt President Mursi's trial adjourned for a month

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The Criminal Court in Cairo has decided to postpone the trial of Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Mursi until February 22.

He appeared at the start of proceedings in a new case over his escape from prison in 2011.

He is charged with kidnapping and killing policemen after a jailbreak during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak.

Mursi appeared in a glassed in cage and was separated from the other defendants for the start of the trial at a Cairo police academy.

Before he arrived two gunmen on a motorbike killed a senior Interior MInistry official outside the man’s home in the capital.

The shooting of General Mohamed Saeed is seen as an indication militants could be stepping up their campaign against the state and comes on the day a policeman was shot and a second injured in the capital in another incident.

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim outside the police academy said: “Mursi is in the dock again and he refused to recognise the legitimacy of the court and those who are running it. But what is most striking this time is the total lack of any of his supporters in front of the court which some say is due to the heavy security presence in the vicinity of the proceedings.”