Ukranian protesters end occupation of Ministry of Justice

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Ukranian protesters end occupation of Ministry of Justice

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Activists from the radical group Spilna Sprava ended their occupation of the Ministry of Justice in Kyiv on Monday afternoon after an appeal from other protesters.

Hundreds of Maidan anti-government activists held a rally in front of the Ministry asking the protesters inside to leave the building.

They said there was no need to occupy any administrative building as long as the opposition continued negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities.

The activists finally agreed to leave. The building was then guarded by mainstream activists.

Opposition MP, Andriy Illenko, who was amongst those appealing for the Spilna Sprava protesters to leave, said: “The building is under the control of Maidan activists. Protesters who were inside the Ministry have already left it – without any resistance.”

Another protester said: “Our purpose was to prevent any provocations and stop any burning of archives of this Ministry. And we know that the Government and the Minister of Justice (Olena Lukash) have already said that that is the argument to impose state of emergency.”

The Ministry of justice became the latest government building to be occupied in Kiev.

Earlier Ukraine’s justice minister Olena Lukash has warned anti-government protesters she would call for a state of emergency if the protesters didn’t leave.