Anti-Hollande demo in Paris

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Anti-Hollande demo in Paris

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In Paris there was a large demonstration on Sunday against President Hollande. The organisers estimated the turnout at 100,000, police said it was more like 17,000.

Grievances included the economy, unemployment, Hollande’s planned eco-tax, and legislation making same-sex marriage legal and abortion easier.

One demonstrator said: “I’m fed up with Hollande of his lot, of his incompetence and the mess they are making of this country.”

Another explained: “He’s imposing taxes everywhere from left to right. And we’ve had enough of it. It has to stop.”

Another complained: “I’m up to here with all these laws made to destroy the family and I’m outraged that the government isn’t listening to us.”

The so-called “Day of Anger” attracted Far Right political groups, Catholics, anti-abortion groups, anti-same-sex marriage protesters, and supporters of the banned comedian Dieudonne.