Aaron Eckhart stars in new Frankenstein movie

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Aaron Eckhart stars in new Frankenstein movie

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‘I, Frankenstein’ is a long way from Mary Shelley’s 19th century classic.

Based on a graphic novel by Hollywood screenwriter Kevin Grevioux, the movie is the story of a modern-day Frankenstein creature in search for his identity.

The superhuman character is played by Aaron Eckhart.

“Well, it was the story really. It was the story of a man being rejected by his father, wandering the earth, ostracized, lonely, looking for love, trying to find his purpose in life and really, searching for his soul. I felt like that was a story that I’ve lived. I felt like there were times in my life where I’ve felt the same way. I’m sure everybody that sees the film at one time or another feels the same way,” said Eckhart.

The film has plenty of action scenes incorporating a particular type of Filipino martial art.

“I like the action elements of it, you know, this Filipino art of kali stick fighting, which is using 2.5 foot rattan sticks to defend yourself. I’d never heard of that and so I took six months of intense work to make that believable and not kill myself or anybody else,” Aaron Eckhart.

Directed by Stuart Beattie, ‘I, Frankenstein’ has received mixed reviews. While some say it succeeds as an entertaining action movie, others describe it as a corpse in desperate need of reanimation.

‘I, Frankenstein’ is out this month.

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