Could European mediation solve the political crisis in Ukraine?

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Could European mediation solve the political crisis in Ukraine?

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For Vitaly Klitschko, who met senior EU official Stefan Fule on Friday, the solution to Ukraine’s impasse lies with international mediation.

Denouncing corruption, opposition leaders including the boxing champion turned politician are dissatisfied with the president’s offer of a government reshuffle.

“Just to change ministers is not enough for people who want to change the rule, because they have already tried to live without the rules,” Klitschko said. “You can buy every court, you can’t find justice in our country.”

“It’s great to have someone, high profile from the European Union, who is to participate as a middle man in these talks and who is credible among the opposition and government,” added Arseny Yatsenyuk, leader of the opposition Fatherland Party. “But as far as I understand, the government is not ready to accept any kind of mediators from the Western world.”

Fule, the EU commissioner responsible for relations with Ukraine, held talks with President Yanukovych and urged him to engage in dialogue with the opposition.

The president’s concessions include the reshuffle and a pledge to amend tough new anti-protest laws.

Ukraine’s rallies against Yanukovych’s rule erupted last November after he pulled out of a free trade deal with the EU in favour of closer economic ties with Moscow.

Russia has warned against Western interference in the crisis and for now Europe is treading carefully.