Ukraine government concessions in view

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Ukraine government concessions in view

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The Ukrainian president says concessions are on the cards.

After a meeting today with the EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele earlier today, he announced that the government will review recent anti-protest legislation and also consider a reshuffle at a special plenary session next Tuesday.

The announcement came as opposition leaders warned that time to resolve the crisis was running out.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Leader of opposition Fatherland party said: “We can’t convince the people with nothing in our hands, because otherwise people would say to us, ‘You’ve betrayed us. We don’t trust you no more. Trust no more credibility.’ And it’s up to the president to resolve this dramatic and ongoing crisis.”

Outside, protesters have constructed more barricades made of snow-filled sacks and old tyres, and an effigy of the president in a cage.