Paris spring fashion: glitz and glamour

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Paris spring fashion: glitz and glamour

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Marking the start of Paris Fashion Week, French brand ‘On Aura Tout Vu’ showed off its upcoming spring-summer collection in the capital.

For this wedding, there are angels and demons, there is light and shadow. So we see this through a contrast of characters,” said designer Yassen Samouilov.  

To a revisited version of the classic wedding tune, models took to the catwalk in mostly black and white outfits.

In a collection based on contrasts, dark studs were woven into light fabrics, black ruffles adorned long sleek dresses, and backs and busts were translucent and glittered with sequins.

For his collection, Giambattista Valli produced a sexy and colourful show faithful to his ultra-feminine style.

The mood for his spring-summer outfits was decidedly floral, with a number of prints and embroidered patterns.

Many skirts were head-turningly skimpy, some made of pieces of fabric twisted into a bow.

The designer said the aim was to please clients of all ages, adding that he liked the idea of chic Parisians stepping out of the shower and into couture.

“My customers, they start from 20, 21 years old, the couture customers, haute couture. So I wanted to give something really fresh, a fresh attitude, ageless, so you can go from young to less young, but I wanted to give this freshness through the silhouette, through the colours, through the attitude,” said Giambattista Valli.

Luxurious touches included hand-painted flowers and jewels embroidered on fabric, while rich colour combinations such as sunflower yellow and white or fuchsia and ruby were inspired by Impressionist paintings.

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