Thailand: Many hurt in blasts at anti-government protest camp

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Thailand: Many hurt in blasts at anti-government protest camp

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Political unrest in Thailand has again erupted into violence with at least 28 people hurt in twin explosions at an anti-government protest camp in Bangkok. Seven have been seriously injured.

A journalist is said to be among the casualties of the blasts near the Victory Monument. Eyewitnesses say they occurred in quick

Activist Teerawut Utakaprechanun heard the first explosion from behind a stage set up by protesters.

“People were looking around” he said. “I saw the security guards running after a suspect. After a minute, I heard another bomb blast.”

It comes just two days after a protester was killed when a grenade exploded in the capital. It is unclear who is behind the violence. Authorities and protesters blame each other.

“After the blast I ran and the second bomb fell from the roof of a building,” said Patchaya Thayommakran as she sat in hospital.

“I kept running and suddenly felt pain around my head. There is a small piece of shrapnel from the bomb in my head. The doctor has removed it.”

Demonstrators demanding the prime minister’s resignation again marched through Bangkok on Sunday

They accuse Yingluck Shinawatra, who has called an election on February 2, of corruption and of being a puppet of her self-exiled brother, former premier Thaksin.