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  • Russian president Putin says that Moscow’s aim is to restore political unity in Ukraine (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that the situation in Eastern Ukraine is a punitive operation led by Kiev (Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that NATO’s eastward expansion is like building a new Berlin Wall (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that foodstuff prices need to be taken care of (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that the current unfavourable situation can continue for the next two years but it may improve faster (Reuters)

Venezuela’s Socialist President Nicolas Maduro has just named an army general as the new finance minister to fight an economic crisis that includes soaring inflation.

He also pledged there would be no currency devaluation this year despite a rampant black market for dollars.

Shoppers face empty shelves because government price caps and currency controls – intended to help Venezuela’s poor – mean there is a shortage of dollars needed to import products.

Food shortages are compounded by inadequate domestic production.

The economy of the energy rich country grew by an estimated 1.6 percent last year, down from 5.6 percent in 2012. Annual inflation was 56.2 percent.

Analysts say a devaluation of Venezuela’s currency is long overdue to rectify distortions in the economy, but Maduro has ruled that out. He blames corruption and sabotage along with speculators and hoarders for the problems.

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