Spanish riots as regional dispute spreads to Madrid

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Spanish riots as regional dispute spreads to Madrid

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Protesters in Madrid clashed with police on Wednesday evening as a regional dispute was taken up by demonstrators in the Spanish capital.

Nightly rallies in the northern city of Burgos where residents are angry over an eight million euro building project have become a national symbol of ‘people power’.

The protests in Madrid turned violent when demonstrators tried to reach the headquarters of the ruling People’s Party but were prevented by barriers and police.

Eleven people were arrested and several protesters and officers were injured.

Activists in Burgos accused local police there of over reacting by detaining 46 demonstrators over the last four nights, five of whom are still in prison.

The mayor of Burgos has announced a temporary halt to the multi million euro building works in the centre of the city.

Locals are angry as people are suffering the effects of Spain’s financial crisis and the cash strapped local government had already rejected other projects.