Mexican vigilantes refuse government orders to disarm

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Mexican vigilantes refuse government orders to disarm

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Mexican vigilante groups fighting against violent drug cartels in the western state of Michoacan have refused to disarm despite orders to do so from the government.

Federal forces have been sent to the area to round up local military police that the vigilantes suspect of being in collusion with the drug bosses.

Mexico’s president has also sent in a new commissioner to the region to mediate.

Alfredo Castillo Cervantes has been instructed to spare no effort in winning the confidence of locals in the fight against the brutal Knights Templar cartel.

But the deaths of two vigilantes has stiffened the resolve of their colleagues.

One local woman says the fight will continue but with more determination. She accuses local soldiers of following the orders of cartel members by killing the two self-defence members.

At the funeral of the two men there is an out pouring of grief and anger.

Analysts have warned that any moves against vigilante groups or attempts to remove their weapons by force could spark a much larger and more unpredictable urban conflict.