Beirut watches Hariri murder trial at The Hague

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Beirut watches Hariri murder trial at The Hague

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In Beirut opinions on the trial at The Hague of four men accused of the murder of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri are clearly divided.

For some the proceeding has been eagerly awaited and is seen as an opportunity to get to the truth behind the assassination. But others believe it is not to do with justice but a political showpiece.

“I think that it will have an effect on the internal situation in Lebanon in the long term. But at the end it is a good step for the value of the law in Lebanon and the value of justice for the people of Lebanon,” said Sleiman Bakhti who lives in Beirut.

But Adnan Haraki, another resident of the city, disagreed. “This tribunal is especially political, politicised more than you imagine and we hope we finish with this joke because Lebanon has spent eight years going through hardships and troubles linked to the situation of the tribunal and its issues,” he said.

Violence in Lebanon has escalated in recent months and it is feared that events in The Hague could further inflame sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia factions in the country.