Over 50 dead on another day of carnage in Iraq

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Over 50 dead on another day of carnage in Iraq

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Iraq has been hit by a number of deadly bomb blasts.

As many as 34 people lost their lives in the capital Baghdad with scores wounded according to police.

In the village of Shatub near the northern town of Baquba a bomb blew up a funeral tent where mourners were attending a service for a Sunni pro-government militia man, a victim of the growing violence 48 hours earlier.

Eighteen people lost their lives with 16 injured.

In Kirkuk a device exploded injuring 13.

Many Iraqis are living in fear as the violence in the country continues to increase.

One Kirkuk resident said the bombers can act with impunity:
“There are no police, no Asayish (Kurdish security forces) and no government. There is nothing. He came so easily and left his car here. A while ago two people were shot dead here and days ago a bomb went off here and yesterday, a car bomb was left in front of my shop.”

Many now believe Iraq is sliding, very quickly, towards an all out sectarian war.