Happy Days are here again!

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Happy Days are here again!

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The Fonz is back! Forty years since the first US broadcast of the fifties based sitcom ‘Happy Days’ there is a new musical version in London.

Actor Henry Winker who played the original high school dropout “Fonzi” and who is now an author, joined the cast in an American themed burger bar in Piccadilly:
“It has a whole new life. The cast is adorable, they are dynamic. Ben looks more like me then me, so it’s really lovely,” enthused the man who will always be ‘The Fonz’.

Producer Amy Anzel used the internet based technique of crowd funding to raise the 300,000 euro budget for the show:

“Basically we knew that there were Happy Days fans all around the world and to give them a chance to invest in this production – because perhaps they always wanted to invest in musicals or they love Happy Days and if the show makes money, they make money.”

It is hoped the production will capture all the fun and innocence of the original television show – creating new fans while taking ‘Happy Days’ addicts on a welcome nostalgia trip.