India passes major milestone in fight against polio

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India passes major milestone in fight against polio

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India is marking three years since it last reported a case of polio, paving the way for the country to be officially declared free of the disease.

A nationwide campaign to immunize millions of children is being credited for the success.

The milestone is also being seen as a major boost for global efforts to wipe out the crippling virus.

India’s last case of polio was detected in January 2011 in a two-year-old girl in the state of West Bengal.

The highly infectious disease, which attacks the nervous system, often spreads in densely populated areas with poor sanitation – a key factor which helped it keep a grip on India for so many decades.

The virus mostly affects children under five after they drink contaminated water.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are the only countries in the world where it still remains endemic.

India is officially due to be declared Polio free in March.