Syria: No guarantee that opposition will attend peace talks

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Syria: No guarantee that opposition will attend peace talks

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The so-called “Friends of Syria” alliance has failed to secure a firm guarantee that opposition groups will attend upcoming peace talks in Switzerland.

Meeting in Paris, foreign ministers from mainly Western and Gulf Arab countries opposed to President Bashar al-Assad tried to convince Ahmed al-Jarba, the leader of the Syrian National Coalition, that his deeply-divided group should go.

“The international community must gather around a single conviction that there is no other solution for the Syrian tragedy than a political solution and there is no possibility to achieve one if ‘Geneva 2’ does not take place,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

As violence continues to rage in Syria, the internationally-sponsored meeting is due to be held from January 22, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Noting the time being taken by diplomatic efforts, our correspondent in Paris, Gianni Magi, said the serious humanitarian situation requires immediate action, inside Syria and in neighbouring countries which are receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees.