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Sharon: a friend's memory

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Sharon: a friend's memory


As Ariel Sharon’s former spokesman Avi Pazner had a close relationship with the former Israeli leader.

He spoke to euronews about his memories of the man he considered a great friend and defender of the Jewish State.

Luis Carballo, euronews: “First of all: How did the decisions taken by Sharon shape Israel?

Avi Pazner, Ariel Sharon’s former spokesman: “You know, the history of Sharon is parallel to the history of the state of Israel. First there were the military struggles for the very existence of state of Israel, in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Sharon was the one to turn the tide of the war in ’73, the Yom Kippur war, when he crossed the Suez Canal. Then when he entered politics he understood, slowly, that it was not enough to win on the battlefield, you have to win also the battle for peace.”

“And like Sharon always did, he made a great gesture towards the Palestinians and towards the Arab world, when he decided to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately afterwards he could not continue because he was struck and a few months later he fell ill, and he was ill for many years. But his legacy is one, this of determination to win in periods of war and the determination to take the hard decisions in periods of peace. This is Ariel Sharon.”

euronews: “How are you going to remember him?”

Avi Pazner: “First off all I remember him as a great man and as a friend. A great man, because one has to be lucky to work with people like that, like Arie Sharon. And then as a friend, because although he didn’t look it, he was very sensitive, very friendly, very warm and very thoughtful. And I had pleasure every day I worked with him and a great admiration until today.”

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