Egypt reaction to death of Sharon

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Egypt reaction to death of Sharon

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Our correspondent in Egypt, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, spoke to many people in Cairo. Many told him that the death of the former Israeli premier marked the end of a war criminal. Several said he committed many massacres against thousands of Arabs and Palestinians.

One local man said: “As a Muslim and an Arab, I hope that God teaches Sharon a mighty lesson because of his injustice and killing of Muslims.”

Another said: “He has gone to hell. He did a lot against us and against the rights of the Palestinian people. All the leaders must die with him. He committed a lot of crimes against us and Arabs. He is with God and God will judge him for what he did.”

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim reported that the majority of Egyptian citizens wanted Sharon’s death to be a lesson for anyone who tries to make war rather than peace.

“Talking about Ariel Sharon with many Egyptians on the street shows that they have the same attitudes and opinions as the rest of the Arab world. All this talk about Sharon reminds them of what he did to their brothers in previous wars,” he said.