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Spanish police launch ETA raids across the Basque Country


Spanish police launch ETA raids across the Basque Country

Spanish police have arrested eight people across the Basque Country with suspected links to the Basque seperatist group ETA.

Two of the detained included well known lawyers Arantza Zulueta and Jon Enparantza.

Already on probation, they are accused of trying to revive the so called ‘prisoners front’, a wing of ETA aimed at keeping jailed activists in line with the group’s goals.

During the raids officers reportedly caught some of the suspects destroying documents after Spain’s Interior Ministry publically disclosed information via the internet about the police operation before it had even begun. An investigation has already been launched into what went wrong and how that could have happened.

In recent years ETA has been weakened by the arrests of senior leaders in Spain and France, but has refused to disband despite formally renouncing armed activity in 2011.


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