Anger over vindication of UK police in riots killing

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Anger over vindication of UK police in riots killing

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A verdict of lawful killing of Mark Duggan who was shot by police in 2011 has sparked anger in London.

As a Metropolitan Police spokesman expressed sympathy with the 29-year-old’s family outside the London courts, supporters of the Duggan family drowned him out chanting “murderers”.

The inquest jury’s verdict had come as a shock to many. Duggan’s aunt, Carole spoke for the family:

“The majority of the people in this country know that Mark was executed. He was executed and we still believe that. And we’re going to fight until we have no breath in our body. For justice, for Mark, for his children, and for all of those, of the deaths in custody….we are not giving up. No justice, no peace!”

Lawyers for the family have questioned the verdict since the jury concluded Duggan was unarmed when he was shot.

The jury had gone on to say it was more likely than not that Duggan had thrown a gun from a taxi just before he was killed. The weapon was found about 6m away from the scene.

The death of Duggan , who was a suspected gangland figure, sparked a wave of rioting across England in August 2011.

Some experts claim his confrontation with police tapped into an undercurrent of rage over unemployment and alleged police abuses, while others say it was just an excuse for mayhem and looting.