American Hustle: major Oscar contender

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American Hustle: major Oscar contender

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A paranoid Christian Bale and a manipulative Amy Adams join up in a formidable double act in the new David O. Russell film “American Hustle”.

Set in the 1970’s, the film is based on the true story of a pair of con artists, who are forced to help an overeager FBI agent in a government corruption sting.

“The funny thing is I find I have people in my life who are expert manipulators and I see it happening and I still let it happen because at some point, even once you’ve seen that it’s happening, it’s just like, ‘Ugh. It’s just easier to go along with it’ and I think that’s why people who manipulate get away with it for so long,” said Amy Adams.

“We wanted to confound people with that, you know. He is a con man but he’s a romantic, and he’s searching for a bigger truth. He’s telling a lot of lies to get there but he’s the ultimate optimist. He’s wading through tons of shit in order to get to one little gem, you know what I mean?,” said Christian Bale.

Bale’s Irving Rosenfeld is both cunning and scheming but a likeable character. His wife is played by Jennifer Lawrence, who has earned critical praise for her performance.

“In Rosalyn’s case, she believes her own reality. She believes that she knows the right thing to do and she will do whatever it takes to make sure that the right thing is done, so she’s very manipulative but I don’t think that she sees it,” said Lawrence.

Nominated for seven Golden Globes, “American Hustle” is a leading Oscar contender.

The film is on release from now across Europe.

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