Putin glides into Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics

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Putin glides into Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics

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Ready to demonstrate his sporting prowess once again, Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Sochi to test out the ski slopes at the Winter Olympic venues in the Black Sea resort.

Surely keen to attract some positive media attention following the bombings in Volgograd, Putin was seen to glide down the slopes with ease.

His cameraman, was not quite as proficient, falling from his snowboard as the president skied.

Sochi is to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in February. However, Putin did not ski down one of the competition slopes, instead choosing to test a piste nearby before being briefed by officials and inspecting hotels in the city.

Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev also joined the group, although initially with not quite so much finesse on a pair of skis.

Putin’s spokesman said he would check out all venues “in detail” during his visit and watch a rehearsal of the opening ceremony.

The success or failure of the Olympics will form a big part of Putin’s legacy. He has closely identified himself with the 37 billion euro project.

When the ski-jump venue fell behind schedule last year, Putin not only fired a senior official but publicly humiliated him on television.