Schumacher remains 'stable with no significant changes' says his manager

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Schumacher remains 'stable with no significant changes' says his manager

Schumacher remains 'stable with no significant changes' says his manager
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The latest word on stricken motor racing star Michael Schumacher is that his condition remains stable.

Speaking outside the hospital in Grenoble, France, where he is being treated, his manager Sabine Kehm gave an update but refused to comment on rumours about his condition.

Surrounded by a scrum of reporters and camera crews, she said: “Michael’s condition has been supervised all the night and has remained stable over the night and also now, so the good news for today is we do not have the feeling to hold a press conference because there’s no significant changes.”

The latest statement from doctors on Tuesday was that Schumacher had shown signs of improvement after a second operation to ease pressure on his brain as a result of internal bleeding, but he is still “not out of danger”.

The retired Formula One champion suffered head injuries on Sunday in a skiing accident in the French Alps. He slammed into a rock so hard that his helmet split open.

Massive media interest

The hospital has become the focus of massive media attention to the extent that his manager said reporters are to be moved away to allow the facility to function normally.

Kehm also urged journalists to respect the 44-year-old German’s privacy after security guards said they intercepted a reporter disguised as a priest trying to get into Schumacher’s room.

“Security got him before he came close… I don’t want to go into details of what exactly we are doing security-wise. However I can assure you there is security because we do have constant attempts from media and people to come close,” she said.

Schumacher’s wife Corinna and teenage children Mick and Gina-Marie are at his bedside and he has received visits from his retired motor racing brother Ralf and close friends.

“They have the possibility to see him and be close to him so that is nice. There is always someone with him,” said Kehm, who is close friend of the Schumacher family.