Turkey PM announced cabinet reshuffle amid corruption probe

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Turkey PM announced cabinet reshuffle amid corruption probe

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Turkey’s embattled Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said late on Wednesday that he had replaced ten cabinet ministers amid a high-level corruption scandal.

Three ministers had previously resigned on the same day, one of them urging a defiant Erdogan to follow suit.

“Some of my fellow co-workers resigned following recent events. Some of them left their ministerial duties because of their (local election) candidacy. And for the rest, that because I decided to (fire),” said Erdogan in a televised address.

Earlier on Wednesday, Turkey’s interior and economy ministers quit the government.

Then the environment minister stepped down.

Each of the three ministers had a son arrested in the corruption probe.

Outrage has poured onto the streets of Instanbul after police went public about their investigation into graft allegations, which also involves state run Halkbank.

Two of the sons remain in custody along with over 20 other people, including the head of the bank.

The three ministers denied any wrongdoing by their sons or the government.

In the last week, Erdogan has reportedly removed hundreds of police officers investigating the allegations from their posts.

Protesters have called for a day of mass protests against the corruption allegations on Friday.