Up in smoke: New York bans e-cigarettes

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Up in smoke: New York bans e-cigarettes

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New York city council has voted to ban the use of electronic-cigarettes indoors.

Restaurants, bars and other private establishments have four months to before the law comes into force.

New York now joins 3 states across the US with similar legislation, but in a city with already strict smoking laws, some take issue with a tobacco free alternative being so quickly stamped out.

euronews asked locals to the Big Apple their thoughts on the ban.

Saleem Madanat, smoker:
“I don’t know what’s the reason behind the ban. They should have a solid reason for it to ban it, then that would make sense. If it doesn’t affect people again and other people especially around you, then they shouldn’t.

Harry: “An e-cigarette, by its whole intent, is not to emit
 obnoxious odors and therefore alleviate the difficulty. So what would the opposition be based on? See this is a society of blame, everybody for everything, right?”

Such battery powered nicotine inhalers continue to spark controversy.

Health authorities warn their true impact remains unknown and may encourage children to take up smoking.

That concern appears to be shared by the EU, who on Wednesday passed their first ever regulations concerning e- cigarettes.